Discover a Career with JPC IT Solutions

Discover a Career with JPC IT Solutions


Sioux Falls, SD

Position Description:

JPC IT Solutions has Telesales Account Manager Positions open for the right applicants. We are looking for individuals that have prior experience with telesales. This would include anyone that has worked in the banking, information technology, catalog sales, or call center industries. These positions will have a highly competitive hourly rate, along with a very lucrative commission structure. In addition, we have an annual bonus structure when goals are attained. We are looking for the right candidates, so only individuals with determination and desire to be successful will be chosen.

As a Telesales Account Manager you must conduct yourself with a superior level of integrity. You must be a good communicator within the written and verbal communication skill set. Above all, you must be positive, extremely motivated, and driven to be successful.

Duties of a Telesales Account Manager:

The duties of a Telesales Account Manager range from lead generation to direct sales and customer relations. An effective Telesales Account Manager will close leads and ensure customers are satisfied enough to continue doing business with our company.

  • Lead generation: Telesales Account Managers play a vital role in generating additional leads. They will contact potential and existing customers by phone to inform them of our company's products, services, and offerings. Telesales Account Managers also receive incoming calls from their existing and potential clients. They will follow a script to qualify potential customers that are ready to buy and those who have been prescreened to likely have or had a project ready for purchase.
  • Direct sales: Besides creating awareness about products and/or services, Telesales Account Managers also perform direct sales functions. Working with marketing opportunities, they can use the data from previous sales to target customers for repeat business. Telesales Account Managers can also ask promising leads qualifying questions which can help reveal their willingness to buy.
  • Take and process orders: Telesales Account Managers take and process orders to meet sales quotas. They manage repeat purchases, which provides opportunities to cross-sell existing customers. When customers place new orders, Telesales Account Managers use scripts to offer additional products or services based on past purchasing behavior. This helps to boost sales and profits and allows them to concentrate on selling.
  • Customer service: Excellent customer service delivery is part of a Telesales Account Manager’s duties. To encourage customers to continue buying from our company, Telesales Account Managers will call them after a sale to make sure they are satisfied with the product or service. They also collect, compile and update customer records in our CRM (HubSpot), making it vital to have excellent typing and telephone skills.

Telesales Account Managers also inform customers of new offerings based on their preferences and needs. Part of their customer service duties is to provide accurate information about the company, its products and/or services, promotions and other details. This makes it crucial for Telesales Account Managers to have in-depth knowledge of their organization and its offerings.

  • Conflict resolution: Telesales Account Managers must have excellent dispute resolution skills. Since they are always speaking with customers, they help to handle their grievances quickly before they become bigger issues. This allows customers to get maximum satisfaction from their purchases and preserves the company's reputation.
  • Activity reports: An effective Telesales Account Manager will also create and update activity reports. The reports cover the number of calls, leads, customers, sales and other vital statistics that can help increase revenue.

Skills of a Telesales Account Managers:

Telesales Account Managers are required to have the skills sales representatives have and then some. This is because they do all the persuasion and selling on the phone without a physical meeting. Here are important skills you should have to excel at this position:

  • Communication: Successful Telesales Account Managers need to have excellent communication skills. They need to be able to start and maintain meaningful conversations with strangers.

Telesales Account Managers can quickly read the tone and pitch of the person they are speaking with and adjust their voice to create more rapport. They need to understand the customer's language and be able explain difficult concepts in easily understandable terms. Besides speaking in clear terms, they need to actively listen and be patient enough to hear customers' concerns. This allows them to provide personalized experiences for improved customer satisfaction.

  • Interpersonal skills: Telesales Account Managers must have interpersonal skills. Selling on the phone requires the ability to create rapport with the other person without seeing them.

This involves using empathy, patience and persuasion to convert leads and convince existing customers to become repeat buyers. Emotional intelligence, active listening and conflict resolution are also vital skills for creating continuous business.

  • Experience in sales: Telesales Account Managers need to be knowledgeable in sales. Telesales Account Managers are required to meet sales quotas over the phone, set up appointments and follow up leads. They need to know how to use scripts to qualify prospective customers and convince existing buyers to purchase more products and/or services. A great Telesales Account Manager needs good negotiating skills to address customer complaints and convince them to buy at favorable rates.
  • Knowledge of telephone and computer systems: A good Telesales Account Manager will have working knowledge of telephone systems. They also need to be knowledgeable about customer relations management (CRM) software and computer programs required for their duties.
  • Fast learning: Telesales Account Managers need to have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of products and/or services so they can explain the benefits to customers and convince them to buy from our company. This requires agents to be fast learners because they rely on scripts to close leads.
  • Cool disposition: Telesales Account Managers are required to have a cool temper. Sometimes, the person on the other side of the phone may not be interested in talking, leading to tense situations. You must be able to handle rejection calmly without allowing it to affect your job.


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